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Daryn Smith

Daryn Smith invites special guests to share their personal stories and impart wisdom on how to ride the wave of a career in digital business. Each episode, this podcast explores stories of success and failure as Daryn chats to digital leaders on their ups and downs of digital projects and how they barrelled through waves of uncertainty to get where they are today. Expect honest conversation, laughter, practical lessons and encouragement as we celebrate the moments that maybe haven’t gone right in their career. It’s these set-backs and getting back on their feet when things haven’t gone to plan which ultimately rounded them into the successes they are today. Daryn is Chief Sales and Innovation Officer at Huble Digital. Now leading one of the largest digital consultancies globally, he is the first to admit his journey hasn’t always been perfect. Daryn is now on a mission to help us learn from failure and remember that everyone starts somewhere.Powered by: Huble Digital -
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